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We are behavioral analysts specializing in creating change at subconscious level for sustained transformation.

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In this ten module workshop, filled with practice sessions, we guarantee that you will lose your fear of public speaking.
You will be able to face any audience and talk on any subject. Training will enhance emotional
and mental strength and power.

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Enhance your performance in any area of life, Let go of un-supportive beliefs, Manage emotions effectively,
Remove irrational fear/phobia, Build confidence

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We have unique strategies to help you speak English fluently and with confidence.

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Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming® Practitioner Course

Certified by Dr Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP

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Welcome to Panacea Valley

  • Panacea Valley Academy was started in April 2014 with the view of creating a world where everyone
  •    Mattered
  •     Can be themselves and are respected, accepted and uplifted for who they are
  •     Had a voice and are free to voice their views, thoughts and opinions
  •     Are treated equally
  •     Can unleash their inner potential
  •     Live; Laugh; Dream; Grow; Succeed
  • Everything we do is to enrich each other and live life abundantly. We bring you the best of the best syllabus by widely exploring evidence-based practices.

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Our top Courses

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP works with the sub-conscious mind which is the real controller of your life. The conscious mind may appear to be the controller/goal-setter in your life but in reality it is the sub-conscious mind which is the goal-getter and birthplace for transformation.

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This course is suitable for anyone who would like to communicate effectively in front of any crowd, become corporate/freelance Softskills trainer, enhance public speaking skills, have personal empowerment.

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This course is designed for experienced trainers who have an understanding of instructional design and solid facilitation skills. It is best suited for groups who regularly develop and deliver content.

5 Values of Panacea Valley Academy that WOW our Students

Bring passion and focus

We are passionate about what we do. And we are focused on achieving our goals despite obstacles because we truly believe that our work matters in the world.

Take responsibility

To be successful, one has to take responsibility for results and non-results. We take complete responsibility for our actions, we pursue our work with determination and find new ways of finding solutions as a team.

Welcome challenges and drive creativity

We are constantly evolving, finding better ways to improve and serve our students on all fronts. We welcome feedback on every aspect of our working so that we constantly move to the next level.

Bring an insatiable hunger to learn and grow

Every person is a powerful and creative being which is most often unrealized and untapped. We have made it a goal to constantly learn and expand our frontiers of knowledge and in turn take this growth to our students.

Foster great team spirit

The bedrock of our team and entire Panacean community is to look out for one another. We put our heart into building relationships and nurturing one another.

Student Speak on Panacea Valley Academy

  • At Panacea, it is not only a learning experience but it is also an inspiration filled one
  • Panacea Valley programs have tranformed me into a bold and confident person
  • It is a life – changing experience. Felt happy and confident
  • Excellent self-improvement program.
  • After listening to one day of the workshop, I was able to talk effectively to my friends to revive our Trust which is involved in education.
  • Overall it was an enriching experience
  • One of the best places to get trained both professionally and personally.
  • The best place to overcome insecurities, low self esteem ,fear etc... Wonderful guidance. Results visible within hours.
  • Awesome experience in knowing basics of NLP. One of the best classes I have ever attended.
  • And she (Hema Manu Anand) did such an amazing job That everyone loved the training and learnt something new with her